Garment manufacturing starts with an idea, an inspiration, a style, a trend, a colour, a pattern. A garments DESIGN is key. THE most important aspect of good garment manufacture begins with great garment design.

Integral to how well a product will sell and vital in producing a cost effective ‘commercial’ product that looks great, sells quickly, maximises profit, increases revenue and bolsters brand awareness and identity. DESIGN is everything.

Here at FIDELITY MANUFACTURING we value design. A garments design must ‘represent’ a brand whilst communicating very clearly all elements of construction. There's nowhere this is needed more than in outdoor, sportswear, mountaineering and workwear where technical function and performance is paramount.

The in-house apparel designers and garment R&D team at Fidelity Manufacturing have a wealth of knowledge, experience and expertise. We apply this industry know-how liberally to our freelance design projects, seasonal range proposals as well as re-writing project briefs and transforming existing styles into fully functional, clear, commercial technical working drawings, we provide a clear, coherent and distinct working tech spec, reducing production costs and improving product lead time.

We specialise in the fields of technical outdoor, sportswear and workwear where technical detail and knowledge is a prerequisite.