As long established, trusted, ethical garment manufacturers and vertically integrated apparel exporters, we are offer flexible payment and finance options with FULL ORDER FINANCING AND COMPLETE ORDER SUPERVISION. 

When you place an order with us, we do not require a deposit payment or a Letter Of Credit. We finance all orders ourselves, through to completion.

For those wishing to purchase goods FOB we offer a number of payment options including 'DP At Sight' or 30-60 days Credit.
Orders on CIF and DDP terms, our flexible payment and delivery terms extend to the point of delivery with 30 days or 30 days EOM. Our customers can benefit from up to 7 months credit, before a single payment is due, from the date the order is placed to the point at which payment is due. (Order 1st January. Pay 31st July).

We offer unbeatable and unrivalled payment options over any other Far Eastern apparel factory.

    No Deposit Payments Required

    No LC Required

    Full Order Financing & Supervision


    Freight On Board (FOB)

    Cost, Insurance And Freight (CIF)

    Delivered Duty Paid / Landed (DDP)


    Payment At Sight, On Shipment Of Goods (FOB)

30 Days

    30 Days EOM (DDP)