At FIDELITY MANUFACTURING we have built a solid reliable and trustworthy reputation as long-established Sri Lankan manufacturers, suppliers and garment exporters. Above all else we stand for ETHICAL and SOCIALLY RESPONSIBLE garment manufacturing. We value our workers, their rights and their freedom and for this reason, choose SRI LANKA.

Our factories in Sri Lanka offer stable, reliable and responsible garment manufacturing. We are reputed worldwide for producing top quality ethical apparel trusted by iconic global brands. Fidelity Manufacturing provides an unrivalled service, clear communication and exceed delivery expectations.

We are heavily regulated by International and Sri Lankan government policy, Sri Lanka garment factory ethics and social responsibilities are amongst the finest and most highly regarded. Our factories are having internationally recognised socially and ethically responsible accreditation through Sedex and WRAP.

Sri Lanka’s supporting industries and networks are fully developed to offer high quality local embroidery, printing, garment washing, enzyme washing, welding, laser-cutting and seam sealing, labelling, packaging, zippers, buttons and barcoding.

Furthermore, garments manufactured in Sri Lanka using fabrics of SAARC origin (Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Bhutan, India, Maldives, Nepal, Pakistan, Sri Lanka) qualify for GSP+ and Duty Free shipment to the EU giving a further financial incentive and saving.

    Enforced Minimum Wages

    Maximum Working Hours

    Optional Paid Overtime

    Inclusive Healthcare

    Minimum Working Age (16 Yrs)

    Government Factory Auditing

    Building Regulatory Standards

    Single Story Manufacturing Units

    Health, Fire & Safety Procedures

    Duty Free / GSP+

    (Qualifying Fabrics)